Every project is different, and so it's not possible to give a standard price for all work, but here is an indicator of how much different forms of work usually cost. All prices and timescales include research of topic, several drafts of work and the final design of the piece (the latter being more applicable for poetry projects). A full breakdown will be provided in any given quote of the required time for each stage of work. 

Project Type

Social Media Poem (Jpeg)

Longer Poetry Work

Blog/Article Piece

Other writing project

Time Required

7-20 hours

3-10 days (7 hour days)

3-7 days (7 hour days)

Dependent on project

Price Range

£15-20 p/h

£15-25 p/h

£20-25 p/h

£15-25 p/h

All prices and timescales are approximate, if you have any questions regarding a project or commission please do contact me to get a more specific quote for what you require. I don't charge for approximate quotes, so you've really got nothing to lose! 

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